We enable central Nebraska companies to push the boundaries of software & technology.

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We are a software development company located in central Nebraska.

We work with local businesses to develop and launch technology based solutions so they can focus on their core operation.

We work different out here.

Things are a bit more spread out around here, and we like it that way. We've embraced this concept and employ a team of developers who are peppered across the area.

What we do

We are a group of software professionals that take pride in our ability to help our customers adapt or create software that matches their existing process. We understand that there is no "one" solution, and are eager to get our hands dirty to help find the solution that is best for you!

Enterprise Integration

We strive to make everything work together, eliminating double entry and making your employees happier.

Custom Software

When your process doesn't fit what software vendors already offer, we'll help figure out if a custom solution is the right fit for you.

Vendor Support

Looking to implement a software from a new vendor? Let us help find the gaps in implementation before you get started.

our process

How do I find logic?

One size does not fit all. Your software shouldn't be defined by the box it came in. Let us help you find or develop software you can love!

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It all starts with a simple conversation. Reach out and let's have a chat about what you're looking for.

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We want to know what makes your business great. Listening and taking notes along the way. Once we have a grasp on how your business operates, we'll propose a solution custom to your operation.

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We'll work together the whole way to see that your solution gets implemented to your satisfaction. After that, sit back and enjoy!