Nemetric is now Logic Nebraska

Welcome to Logic!

2020 was an interesting year. Back in April, we dared to ask, "who are we?" and "who do we want to work with?".

We realized through much discussion, that the core of our business is right here in central Nebraska. That the people we work with locally love the fact that we're right down the street. With the question of "how do we get more involved?", we resolved that we need to work on our messaging and branding.

It was a tough decision to relieve the Nemetric name. It's been with us for 10 years. It has worked as hard as we have, but there was one main problem. It was hard to remember...

In an online business, I think it's easier to get away with made up company names. But in the real world, in central Nebraska, we needed a name that could be communicated verbally. A name that could be passed on to friends and colleagues, because without "word of mouth" referrals, we would be left in the dust.

Word of mouth referrals are important around here. You can discover a new product or company, but the likelihood that you will engage them really comes down to a referral. And when your company is referred, but by the wrong name, it gets lost in the wind...

Enter Logic Nebraska. We love this new name. It's communicable, easy to remember, and describes who we want to serve :: Nebraska.

Thank you all for your support as our company continues to grow. Please reach out if you have any questions.

Happy New Year!

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